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Trauma Supply Module (TSM)

The DASH Trauma Supply Module (TSM) is intended to help hospitals estimate supplies needed to care for seriously injured trauma patients in the first 48 hours following a mass casualty incident. Estimates of needed supplies are based on the hospital’s trauma level and adjusted for factors including the number of emergency department beds, the hospital’s role in the community, and a facility’s potential isolation following a natural disaster. We encourage you to also complete the complementary Hospital Pharmacy Module to determine pharmaceutical needs and the Burn Supply Module to calculate dressings and topical treatments that may be needed by trauma patients. You may not have all the trauma supplies you need if you do not complete all three modules.

The DASH TSM is not proscriptive or definitive. It is intended as a starting point for facility planners to estimate the minimum quantities of supplies that may be needed based upon the role the hospital has in the community. The module is meant to be considered in conjunction with other planning tools, resources, information, and facility and community-wide preparedness efforts. It not intended as a clinical tool and should be used for pre-incident planning and NOT during an incident.

For detailed information on the purpose of the DASH TSM, related planning considerations, and additional resources, click on the “TSM Methodology (PDF)” button. For detailed instructions, click on the “TSM Instructions (PDF)” button. Most users will find it helpful to have the TSM Instructions open in a separate browser window to follow along as they navigate through the module.


TSM Instructions (PDF) TSM Methodology (PDF)

NOTE: User inputs cannot be saved in the DASH tool. Please remember to download or share as described in the Instructions frequently to save your inputs as you work in DASH.

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